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Other Items of Interest

Raj Relics have an extensive collection of Arabian & Colonial Antiques - this page shows a very small cross-section of what we stock at any one time. If you have a specific requirement please contact us and we will advise you of what we have available to fit your needs. We will be updating this page extensively over the next few months so that customers can have a greater appreciation of the Raj Relics Collection. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

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Due to popular customer demand we have increased the amount of architectural pieces we hold in stock. The large Antique Teak door and frame from Rajasthan  shown above is a typical example of the doors we have in stock. Many customers from the US and Europe wish to build these architectural masterpieces into their own homes. The dimensions of the door/frame shown above are 240 cm x 141 x 24 deep. T

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The pictures above show two of our many Antique mirror frames. On the left hand side is an Antique Teak carved window with mirror set in place. On the right hand side is a massive highly carved frame (mirror not yet in place). The respective dimensions and prices are :- smaller mirror 125 cm x 83 x 12 deep . The larger mirror frame (including mirror) - 266 cm x 141 x 26 deep. 


 Look out for more updates on this page in the very near future.



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